Jane’s, Wollongong

dsc_4183---version-3_24269338729_oThis will be Chaika’s first visit to Jane’s.

We will be supported by the House of Maqama 6 piece Middle Eastern band from the Illawarra. They present dramatic shows integrating both music and dance, featuring Arabic percussion and a melodic line-up of guitar, nay (Egyptian flute) and Persian stringed instruments the santur and setar.

Maqam is the Arabic word for the scales or modes used in Middle Eastern music. It also refers to an Arabic proverb; when combined with music or poetry, ‘house of” means ‘the core or deep meaning of…’.

It is said that only a poet knows the house of poems and only a musician knows the house of maqam.

Doors 4pm, music 4:30pm

$7 entry

40 Flinders St, North Wollongong

Facebook event here